Dutch getaways

With all the awesome international travel I sometimes forget how fabulous the Netherlands can be. But luckily I did manage to spend some time exploring different parts of the Netherlands in 2014.

For our wedding anniversary this year (August 14), we decided to hang out in Rotterdam. We heard about some good food, and a nice new hotel (OK, nice is an understatement, it was really pretty epic with a view of the Erasmusbrug). We also went to a really cool exhibition, called the 200 greatest paintings, consisting of life size reproductions of Western masterpieces. I had seen already seen some of them in various museums, but it is kind of weird to get to turn over the panels of the Ghent altar piece. We returned again to Rotterdam for a visit to the Kunsthal in February where they had a James Bond exhibition. It was the last day, so it was super busy, but definitely happy that we went. Closer to home, we went to the Lego exhibition at Amsterdam Expo, and a co-worker gave me her tickets to the opening night of the new Philips wing at Rijksmuseum. We’re so lucky to have all this awesome stuff around.

In November, I got to go to the TiNT day to present a poster on my work. As it was on a Friday and close to my birthday, this was a great opportunity to spend some more time in The Hague. We got to go see the Rothko at Gemeentemuseum which was really fabulous. I’m not that much into abstract art like that, but the Rothko paintings have the eerie ability to sort of ‘suck you in’. Really bizarre and pretty awesome. We also had a great dinner at Hanting: super fancy Michelin-start Asian fusion. Very special. By the way, we had some other really good dining experiences this year: anniversary dinner at “De Kas“, french style outside dining at “La Vallade” and fabulous opening night at “De Vergulden Eenhoorn“. All three within walking distance of our apartment!).

But it’s not all fancy food and high culture. For Saint Nicholas this year, we had a weekend away with my family in Zeeland. Sadly no surfing, but long beach walks and a swimming pool to ourselves at the holiday park.  And lots of family quality time. This year’s family weekend is already blocked in our calendars 🙂


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