Becoming a surf instructor

On our trip in Portugal, I also managed to get some decent pics of me surfing, which I needed to be able to do my internship with a surf school. I had already been hanging out at Surfschool Zandvoort, so after the holidays I could really start my internship, write my hours, collect a lot of signatures (every lesson had to be signed off, then a little report from every instructor I taught with and a big final sheet from the head coach). This made for a pretty busy summer, since I was doing it on the weekends besides my general job.

If the surf wasn’t up, we would take clients stand-up-paddle boarding, or use the bungee cord (it’s basically a big anchor with a huge rubber band attached to it that if pulled back and released with a board attached gets launched and you can stand up on the board and ride a bit). It was also really fun to see different groups, most people who come to the surf school will come for a beginner’s lesson, but then every group is different: children’s birthday parties, bachelor parties, company outings etc.

The thing I hadn’t realised beforehand is that it’s so physical. After two lessons, I would be totally shattered, partly from the aqua-jogging during the lesson and shouting at people to get up, paddle harder, whoohooing if they got up, or tell them to get closer if they got too far away (I should really learn to whistle) and then also from prepping the boards (taking them out of the  containing and putting them in a semi-circle and after the lesson putting them away (and I’m really not tall enough to reach the top part of the container). So I could rest physically during my Mon-Fri office job, and then wear myself out on the weekend :).

But I learnt a lot, saw a whole different side of the surf industry, had a lot of fun doing it, and got a whole new set of colleagues and I now have a surf instructor’s diploma 🙂


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