A quick trip to Edinburgh

Right, this is going to sound really horrible, but I wanted to keep my silver status with KLM this year and I needed one more flight. First world problem, but it’s really nice to be able to check in at the business desk and use the priority lanes. But where to go? Well, I have some friends in Edinburgh whom I hadn’t seen in ages! So simply because I could, I booked a flight to Edinburgh on Sept 17.

My visit was a wee bit inconvenient since they had just moved to a new apt. 2 days ago, but the placement was super well equipped and since I had already seen the sites, we didn’t have to do all the touristy things, we could just hang out and catch up. Which we did. With awesome coffee (for them) and hot chocolate (for me) and wine and gin tonics and S’s excellent beet risotto.

We did go up to Calton Hill on Sunday and it turned out that the very same race that was on when I visited Edinburgh in 2011 with mum was on. Edinburgh also did make sure I would want to come back soon by treating us to some glorious weather and views.



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