This year wasn’t a real winter in NL to be honest, we only had a few days below 0 and no snow. This was fine by me as snow does tend to interfere with getting around Amsterdam a bit and I had a lot of getting round to do. First of all, I was co-teaching a course, so it’s kind of nice to be on time for the students 😉

There was also a trip to Luxembourg, for our project review. According to Google maps it’s about a 4-hour drive, and even though it’s only about an hour’s flight, with getting to and from the airport, that sort of is almost 4 hours too. So one Sunday in February, I set out with two colleagues to Luxembourg city. They did give me an upgrade on the car so we had this massive SUV. I’m never getting an SUV again, the thing just sucks up petrol like I don’t know what..too much anyway. Although it was quite comfy, and had a decent sound system. We started off in Luxembourg by a test drive for the review, naturally we had just gotten started and then they decided to do a fire drill, so we all had to pack our stuff, get out of the building and then try to find our way in again. At least it happened during the rehearsal and not the actual review. Although someone lost in the maze that is the EU buildings did exit through the fire exit during our review resulting in about 10 minutes of a nasty siren next to our room. Luckily the reviewers didn’t mind and we got to carry on and got some pretty good results out. Sadly partying in Luxembourg is a bit difficult, partly because half the team had to travel back already, and for those left the pubs closed at midnight. Oh well…

I did get to see some of winter though, as I went snowboarding with my brother, sister-in-law and two other friends. Like last time, Frank and Joyce sorted out the trip, so all I had to do was pack my bag and get in the car with them, pretty awesome! We actually went to the same apartment as last time, near Zell-am-See, although we did go out to see a few more different ski areas this time. Last time we hung out mostly around Zell-am-See and Kaprun, this time we also got to go to Kitzbühl, Saalbach Hinterglemm and Flachauwinkl. I did start off a wee bit too enthusiastic on the first day, fell on my bum, and was happy I could borrow some crash pants the next few days. It was also a good choice to get a snowboard lesson one day with an instructor who could also tell me the difference in stance between surfing and snowboarding, that really helped my turns a lot. It was however quite warm already (OK it was the first week of March) so the slopes were getting a bit bad as the day progressed and the sun gained strength. This only meant that we had to take off our warm jackets and sit in the sun whilst sipping aperol spritz. Sucks to be us 😉

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