The benefits of being an academic: travelling for work!

Early this year, I moved from working on a national project to working on (bigger) European funded project. Most of my day-to-day work hasn’t changed much, I’m still a postdoc, happily trying to solve puzzles, only we’re trying to tackle problems on a slightly bigger scale and for several different languages. Being in an EU project means you are collaborating within a greater consortium that is formed with other institutions/companies within the EU. Whilst we email and Skype a lot, we also sometimes have to meet physically, just because that’s easier. Enter bonus travel! This year I’ve been lucky to visit all our partners: which meant a trip to San Sebastian in April (and of course I’d booked a few days extra for some surf), a trip to Liverpool in June (and got to meet up with friends from around there again) and a trip to Trento in October (where we somehow ended up a the restaurant where I had dinner in 2006 too, the same guy is still running it).

I’ve also been very lucky to have been able to travel to Sofia in Bulgaria for the ACL conference and to Sydney for the ISWC conference this year. I wonder what this year’s travel will bring 🙂

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