Surfing in Portugal (2x)

Our summer holidays this year were a bit of a last minute arrangement. Initially we had wanted to do a big trip to Australia in autumn, but due to teaching constraints, we couldn’t take off more than two weeks then. So we decided to take a few weeks off in July and go someplace nice. I didn’t really realise how much I needed that until just before. Even though I’d been out of the office quite a bit already this year, most of the trips were not exactly the height of relaxation.

So we settled for two weeks in Portugal. For a change of scenery we decided to try out the Algarve and we found a fabulous base for our surf and food explorations at the Jah-Shaka surf villa. The villa itself is just awesome, we had a nice double bedroom (bummer we couldn’t keep the door open because of the bugs, but one can’t have it all), there is a pool, a hot tub, a volley ball pitch, a nice kitchen, a chill living room, awesome barbecue parties and pancakes for breakfast.

Every day we would be driven to the beach, surfed the day away, had lunch on the beach (home cooked by the house staff) and in the evening we would hang out at the villa watching movies or went to the little town. Everything one could need on a holiday. Check out our pics at:

It was so good that I decided to go back for a short trip in November too :). The nice thing about Europe is that everything is so close, so I flew out late Thursday afternoon, surfed Friday (3 sessions), Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning, flew back in the evening and I was back in the office on Tuesday.

Life is good.

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