New apartment!

Although our apartment in the docklands was quite nice, after four years we thought this year that it was time to move. The main reason was that our apartment was furnished, which was super handy when we moved in, but over time we (OK, mostly me) were thinking it would be nice to get our own furniture. Stuff like a bookcase big enough for our book-buying-addiction (although I’m reading fiction on my iPad mostly now).

Anyway, one evening in March after a swim session I was biking back home along the Ringdijk and I saw a bilboard about a new apartment building being built. After looking it up at home, I sorted out the registration forms and all the attachments (most housing corporations in the Netherlands want to know a lot about you, even when you sign up) so we could sign up when the registration opened the next weekend.

A few weeks later we heard that we got one of the apartments, and even better our first choice! I enthusiastically started buying moving boxes and packed some stuff, of course I packed the first 6 boxes way in advance and then got sidetracked and the last week before the move in September we still needed to pack everything else, but I guess that’s just how these things go. To be honest, for not having any furniture, we have a lot of crap. Anyway, September 19, we got the keys, after which we spent a few days painting, and on September 25 we moved in! Kudos to Paul for doing moving all the boxes, while I was at work, although I did help with the heavier things in the evening.


The first few days we slept on our sofa bed in the living room. We even had our first guest (my brother Hans) who slept on an air mattress on the 27th and who brought us a table (which is a very handy thing to have). That weekend we also bought a bed (quite handy too) which took me ages to assemble, but is sooo nice. We’re still not quite sorted out, some lamps and curtains are for example still missing. But we have one super awesome Hollywood studio light (courtesy of Paul) and bin bags taped to the window also keep out the light (my excuse is that I haven’t found the right blinds yet because our windows are just huge!). But as the dinner parties that we have had prove, the kitchen is very well equipped (finally an oven that fits my madeleine form, and an XL dishwasher!).

It’s a good home.


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